I am Jade

Jade is a creative and enthusiastic soul, based in th UK.

She was born in Amsterdam, but raised in Walsall, West Midlands.  Jade has always been creative. She won a local painting competition when she was four years old and this was the start of her continuous interest in art. One of her icons when she was growing up was Vincent van Gogh. His work is still an emotional inspiration for her. However, it wasn’t until she was in her twenties that the real desire to paint became apparent.

When she was twenty two, she had an amazing healing from an energy field healer called Rebecca Austin. She was a lovely lady and held Jade’s hand through the gateway of energy healing. After her first Healing, she had the urge to paint. Her first painting was ‘My Lady’ . The whole experience was a catalyst to change her whole life around.

Shortly after this, Jade and her family moved overseas.  After living abroad for a while, she came back to England. She felt that she had been called back here, she listened and returned.  She landed back with just her suitcase. She had had to leave her paintings behind, but they have now been safely reunited with her.

On returning, Jade has opened up many new avenues in her life. She became a member of OBOD and subsequently became a Reiki Master. Her paintings can be seen in the deck of Reiki cards that she has created.

Reiki Healing Cards

Jade had her own catering business called Naturecater.  This is another opportunity for her creative talents, this time in the kitchen.  Her mission to use fresh ingredients and whole foods is how she creates a wonderful array of delicious, nutritious dishes. Colour is also important here as she carefully plans menus which please both the eye and the taste buds.  Her love of fresh herbs, home-grown of course, inspires her to use their flavours and colours wherever possible.  Always ready to expand her knowledge, she is currently studying for two diplomas in nutrition and naturotherapy.

Jade is constantly looking for knowledge, both earthly and spiritually, as she continues her life journey.  Her paintings are the expression of her emotions, her outlet.  Her life will create her future paintings….. watch this space!

Arty Stuff

My work is is an expression of myself. I enjoy the freedom of colour and a blank canvass.

Painting was a hobby, now it’s a way of life and because of this I paint firstly for my own self expression and then for what other people may see in my work.

 Much of my work depicts nature and spirit. Most of my work is spontaneous and comes from the sub conscious.

I like to use a vibrant palette as I believe colour to be very beneficial to how we feel and our well being.

Painting is important to me. My work is part of my transition through life. Every picture is a memory, a person, a place. My collection is for me a huge scrap album. I have been painting for many years and thrive on colour.

Painting is a passion I cannot live without. My work is mostly abstract and my favourite medium is oil. I do use acrylic on occasion.

I have been painting since my late teens and thrive off a blank canvass and  a vibrant palette.

I really cant say much more about my work apart from, every painting I have done and will continue to do is a part of me, as much as the hand that I hold the brush with.

 I believe that every one sees things and reacts differently to all things in life, including art. Art should move something in side of you. It should make you think, smile, frown even, but it must provoke something in a person.

So as the selection panel, you will all have a different personal reaction to my work.

I hope that you enjoy the moment and I am hopeful that my work stirs something within you all.

Stuff I’ve done

2005 Exhibition – Valle san Lorenzo – Tenerife

2005 Exhibition – Los Cristianos  – Tenerife

2006 Exhibition – Matisse – Los Cristianos – Tenerife

2008 Exhibition – Cinnamon Meeting House – Bridgnorth

2010 exhibition –  – Forge – Shropshire

2010 Exhibition – Severn centre

2011 Exhibition –  The forge – Shropshire

2002 Winner Fresh Air competition – B.B.C

2005 Commissioned Work – Fiesta Bar – Tenerife

2005 Finalist Rapid painting competition – Santa Cruz – Tenerife

2006 Commissioned Work – Samnsara – Tenerife

2007 Illustration – Reiki Symbols

2008 Illustration – Herbcraft  diploma course

2009 – Naturecater was created

2009 Illustration – Dancing in Banana Land

2011 – Willow Dragonfly living sculpture – Discovery centre , Craven arms

2011 – Commissioned Community Art Work – Velvet  community Orchard

2011 – Trained as a Forest School Practitioner

2012 Reiki Healing Cards published

2013 – Had Children and cooked a lot of food

2021 – Creating A Legacy

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